Sullivan Sparkles on YouTube

Throughout life, everyone develops certain interests, and they are usually different, depending on the person and what their personality is. It may be scrapbooking, photography or any other infinite possibility. An intriguing interest for senior Livia Sullivan is makeup.

Over the past couple of years, Sullivan has become really interested in makeup, but she has always enjoyed watching various makeup YouTubers. Sullivan started a YouTube channel this past summer, and it is called “liviuhgrace”. She tries to upload tutorial videos every Monday and Friday.

“I use makeup as a way to express myself and kind of as an outlet. When I’m in my room playing with colors, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, for those 1-2 hours I can just sit there and do what I love,” said Sullivan.

The “NikkieTutorials” account is what inspired her to get into makeup and experiment with it, but her best friend, sophomore Grayson McGowen, inspired her to start filming and doing what she loves. Sullivan started filming because many people were asking how she did certain looks. She used to record and create videos when she was younger, but she just recently got the courage to upload them.

Some of Sullivan’s favorite products to use are Artist Couture highlighters, which are really good for a blinding highlight. Another one of her favorites is the Anastasia glosses because they last all day and are really pigmented.

“My #1 product would have to be my Benefit Ka-brow because I have no eyebrows, and it allows me to draw them on,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan got most of her makeup ideas from the Internet because it is easy for people to share ideas and techniques. For someone interested in getting into makeup, Sullivan suggested getting ideas online, but magazines are also a good place to look. There are also many cosmetology schools where someone could learn a lot about makeup.

“People have been very supportive of my channel and my passion for makeup, and I am very thankful,” said Sullivan.


Story by Haley Owens

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