Cheer Captain Davis

Senior Jorja Davis has been cheering for three and half years, and this will be her final year of being a cheerleader.

“I decided to do cheer because I just wanted to see if I could. I had tried to before at Orleans, and my older sister was a cheerleader. Coming here gave me a chance to try and do something a little different and take me out of my comfort zone,” said Davis.

She likes cheer because it’s more than being physically strong. It’s also mentally preparing yourself for games and pep sessions.

“Some of the perks of being the captain is being able to decide like how we’ll interact with the booster club at the games, what stunts we want to do in a cheer, what we wear to school on game days, what we wear to the games and how our hair is,” said Davis.

Davis is excited for basketball season and is hoping things will go a little smoother.

“The best part of being the captain is knowing that some of the girls look up to me and how I handle things. Because it can be stressful, just cheer itself is sometimes,” said Davis.

Davis believes this season will be a good year. A new coach has stepped in for English teacher Brooke Goerres for the season, who Davis says the team hasn’t had a lot of time with. Davis says there are girls she’s known since the first year and girls who have just joined and she has never been close with.

“I am going to miss the bonding you do with all the girls who come on,” said Davis.

Story by Kennedy Slaten

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