Football Manager Warren

This year is eighth grade student Lillie Warren’s first year as one of the high school football managers, and she is having quite the experience being a part of the team.
“It’s different because you barely know anyone on the team because you’re not in high school with them, but it isn’t all that difficult,” said Warren.
There are two football managers who are in junior high and four who are in high school, making six in all for the high school football team. They are Kayla Bailey, Olivia VanMeter, Maggie Vincent, Alyssa Warren, Lillie Warren and Jackie Crews.
Warren enjoys being a football manager because the football boys are always fun to be around, and they know how to make her laugh.
“They can all be a little smelly at times, and when they get frustrated they might toss the water bottles harder than usual, but all around they are a good group of boys,” said Warren.
Warren plans on continuing to be a football manager.
“I enjoy the people, the coaches, the excitement of the bus rides and game time. It’s all a lot of fun,” said Warren.
To be a junior varsity and varsity football manager, you have to show interest and be at a majority of the games and practices. In return for being a football manager, you get a Pride Pack, which includes two pairs of Paoli shorts, two shirts, a sweatshirt and sweatpants.
“I enjoy being a part of the football team because it feels like I’m more than just an eighth grade school girl at Paoli, and it makes me happy that I can actually do something for the team I’ve watched since I was a little girl on Friday nights,” said Warren.

Story by Gracie Walls

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