Wishart Proud of King Performances

This past weekend, the PHS Drama Club put on the production of the Lion King Jr.

Director Maria Wishart thought the production went very well.

“I was very pleased with the production. There were some really beautiful moments. I always enjoy watching individuals grow,” said Wishart.

While putting the performance together, the students did a lot of work and made sure everything was progressing at a good rate. A lot of people put in hard work to help improve the show and get through the challenges. One of the hardest things for the drama club was to put on the show with a low budget and with such little time. Something the drama club decided beforehand was to use current and former student to help with makeup, such as former student Tyler Pavey.

The storyline taught both the audience and cast about family, challenges in growing up, how to face loss, taking responsibility and the great circle of life. The cast and crew of the show helped the audience see all of these great life lessons.

Following Friday’s performance, the cast got a standing ovation; partly because of the great performance and also because the audience was really feeling what the show was all about.

“We thought that the show was great, but to see that many people on their feet at the end took my breath away. We have never had that kind of reaction to a high school show before. It really validates our hard work and effort,” said senior Keegan Anderson.

Story by Avery Owens

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