Lee in Photography

Photography seems to be something that is very popular in our area, and a lot of people enjoy it. There is also a lot of talent that is involved in being a good photographer. Sophomore Kyla Lee has been doing photography for two years now and is doing phenomenal work.
Lee first started intro to media as an eighth grader, and going into it, she was already interested in photography. Last year, she was in Photo 1 and is now a part of the journalism staff as the Clubs and Student Life Photo Editor. Lee’s mother was a photographer when she was in high school, which inspired Lee to try it. Lee also wanted people to see the work she puts into her pictures.
When she is working on her craft, Lee looks up to Lily Thompson the most.
“Seeing all of her work and how she captures everything in such a beautiful way gives me the inspiration to do the same,” said Lee.
Out of all the things to take images of, Lee enjoys shooting sports the most. Lee thinks taking pictures of sports is more interesting since there’s more going on. Although she enjoys taking sports, she has a love-hate relationship with them. It’s frustrating for her from having to change the camera settings all the time to missing perfect shooting opportunities. Lee also enjoys getting to see how different people spend their time.
On average, Lee spends about 4 hours a week taking pictures. She usually takes photos of a sports event each week, such as a volleyball game on Tuesday or Thursday and football games on Friday. She takes photos of other events as well, such as pep sessions or activities in classrooms.
After high school, Lee plans on taking pictures in her free time and possibly minoring in photography.

Story by Avery Owens

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