Seventh Grade Goes to Louisville to see “A Christmas Carol”

On Thursday, November 30, seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown and students of the seventh grade class traveled to Actor’s Theater in Louisville to see a performance of “A Christmas Carol.”
“I think the field trip went well. I had students tell me they expected to have a terrible time, but in reality, they enjoyed the entire day,” said Brown.
The play is about three ghosts who pay visits to Ebenezer Scrooge in an effort to get him to change his stingy ways. Brown has taken students to see this play several times in the previous years. A representative from Actor’s Theater visited all of her classes Monday, November 27 to do a pre-show workshop.
“A representative from Actor’s Theater had students act the parts of the ghosts, including Marley. They were given instruments to play, which was meant to help them present a tone for the ghost speaker,” said Brown.
This let students not only be able to go watch the performance, but be able to interact with some of the actors beforehand.
“Actor’s Theater uses special effects to increase audience anticipation. For example, the second ghost is an aerialist,” said Brown.
Watching the performance let Brown’s students visually see some of the literature works she’s teaching. It also let them see the story in the form of drama.
“I hope students at least have gained an appreciation for good literature within the form of drama. Hopefully, many will realize that there are others in the world who are less fortunate and perhaps they will not become an old Scrooge when turned to for help,” said Brown.

Story by Angie Ceja

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