Paolite Throwback Feature: Sears Reflects on Small Community

This story is one of a continuing series, highlighting the lives of Paoli High School graduates and their reflections on high school life.

Every person who attends Paoli High School will attach themselves to a different area. Each would hope to leave their mark in a special way. For 2013 graduate Sophie Sears, this ambition was fulfilled both on the court and in the classroom.
Sears looks back on her time in high school with pride and a great thankfulness for her experiences. Sears was fortunate enough to win back to back Sectional titles in basketball as well as graduate at the top of her class through hard work and dedication. Her experiences in high school not only molded her at the time, but set her on a path to be where she is today.
Sears is currently attending graduate school at the University of Louisville. She has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and is currently studying pharmacology. Sears’ ambitions are set on medical research and hopes to make breakthroughs which will help cure diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
Sears is not only defined by where she is now, but also her valuable years at PHS.
“Paoli helped to start my interests in science, which in turn led me to pursue a career in biomedical research. Without this initial spark, I don’t know if I would be in the place that I am today,” said Sears.
Looking back on high school, Sears remembers the good times she had with her friends and also her accomplishments outside of the classroom.
“My best memory of all would be winning sectional my junior year. That was an indescribable feeling for my teammates and I that I will always remember,” said Sears.
When asked what she would do differently if going through high school a second time, Sears revealed that she would not change much.
“I don’t really have any regrets, but I wish I would’ve realized how special the community support was. It is something that I value even more now that I am out of high school,” said Sears.
This community support is a great aid to anyone going through high school, and Sears feels very grateful for everyone that made her time at PHS as enjoyable as it was. Sears only has a couple words of advice for the students who will walk these halls in the future.
“I would tell people starting high school to pursue their passions regardless of what people may think of you. Go for what you want to do, and don’t let anyone tell you it is impossible to achieve.”

Story by Dietrich Sears

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