Paolite Throwback Feature: Gilliatt’s Beautiful Life

This story is one of a continuing series, highlighting the lives of Paoli High School graduates and their reflections on high school life.

Graduation day is the most memorable day in one’s high school career. It’s the day you step out of the school you dedicated time to and finally leave. For some, it is a day of tears from leaving childhood friends. For others, it seems to be a huge weight off their shoulders. For former PHS student Kelsey Gilliatt, she was ready to leave and start her new life away from home.
Gilliatt graduated from PHS in 2013 and went to the University of Southern Indiana but discovered the university was not for her. She felt as if things just weren’t exactly how she wanted them to be. Gilliatt left the school and continued to work at the West Baden Spa. While working there for quite some time, she noticed her fascination in facial procedures, product knowledge and the spa atmosphere. Now she travels to Louisville, Kentucky, for a class where she learns how to do all of the things she wants to do. Sometime in December 2017, she should receive her esthetician license to work on other people rather than the classmates at the school. She is excited and ready to pursue a new job.
After graduating high school, Gilliatt realizes there are things she should have done a little bit differently. She realized she should have not worried as much as she did.
“I tried to impress people who weren’t good; they’re not people you should be like. Even boys who didn’t matter. I took so much time out of high school just to impress people who amount to nothing now. I also really want to go back and take homework more seriously. Homework is a priority, and I let it slip past me. I believe if I had done my homework and other things instead of worrying about other things, I could be somewhere I actually want to be,” said Gilliatt.
There are teachers from high school who made an impact on Gilliatt’s life. Geography and government teacher Scott Gudorf, media and yearbook advisor Heather Nichols and pre-calculus teacher Adam Stroud, just to name a few. Gilliatt wants to thank them for helping her out tremendously in the time she had in high school. They made an impact on her life and were a positive part of her experience. She still remembers the things they taught and said to her to this day.
“I don’t do things to please others anymore. I focus on what makes me happy and impacts my life, and I don’t worry about petty things anymore,” said Gilliatt.
She has been the mother to an adopted cat named Harvey for about three years and is working at West Baden and schooling in Kentucky. She is also in a healthy relationship with someone she really appreciates and is very happy with him. Gilliatt is proud of who she has become and hopes to continue to grow on her past.
“I wasted so much time in high school on people and things that just didn’t matter, but I am really proud of myself for overcoming those things and creating a new life out of them,” said Gilliatt.

Story by Kinley Block

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