Musicians Showcase at Honor Event

Students from the Pride of Paoli band attended the Indiana Music Educators Conference on January 11 and 12. The event honored both band and choir students who stood out to band director Bill Laughlin and choir teacher Lora Anderson. Paoli has been involved with this event for over 30 years. The students do this to help strengthen and showcase their skills.

The students who attended had to be academically eligible to go since they were representing Paoli High School.

“We had a student not go several years ago due to that reason. That example serves as a great reminder to our current students to keep their responsibilities up to date,” said band director Bill Laughlin.

Thirteen students participated in five different categories. In the IMEA High School Honor Band were seniors Keegan Anderson, Livia Sullivan, Dylan Terrell and Morgan Apple. Performing in All-State Choir were seniors Travis Mefford and Alyssa Wilson along with sophomore Megan Poe. In All-State Orchestra was senior Dayton Satterfield and junior Breanna Ward. In Junior All-State Band were freshman Trey Cranfield and eighth graders Michael Hannon, Haley Cox and Kylee Charles.

“I got to meet new people from all across the state and create beautiful songs as if they were all one voice,” said Poe.


Story by Kinley Block

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