Homecoming Royalty Crowned

On January 19, PHS hosted the annual Winter Homecoming ceremony. The freshmen, sophomore and junior classes are represented by a prince and princess. However, the senior class is represented by five boy candidates for the king title and five girl candidates for queen. Once the candidates are announced at the start of the week, it is up to the student body to vote for their choice of king and queen.

Freshmen representatives were Brett Bosley and Lauren Beaty. The sophomores were represented by Zayne Anderson and Maddy McDonald. Junior royalty were Jordan Clark and Maddie May. For the seniors, king candidates were Jacob Babcock, Parker Gehl, Hunter Hamilton, Hunter Rohl and Dylan Terrell. Seniors Allie Lowe, Bailey Bush, Olivia VanMeter, Devan Smith and Livi Sullivan were the nominated queen candidates.

During the boys basketball game against county rival Springs Valley, the homecoming court found the spotlight. After the candidates walked through the arch and a pause for effect by announcer Chris Jones, Jacob Babcock and Livi Sullivan were recognized as the 2018 Winter Homecoming King and Queen.

“I’m honored to have been even nominated, let alone becoming king. Couldn’t have done it without my fans!” said Babcock.


Story by Hunter Hamilton

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