Sophomore Cunningham Excited for Semi-State Play

Sophomore Madison Cunningham plays on the girls varsity basketball team and is ecstatic about the team’s big wins. Winning the Sectional and  Regional titles are a major accomplishment for the girls. Cunningham believes their preparation and hard work is the reason they won.

“To prepare for our Sectional, we practiced with focus and determination and a drive to win. Watching film was also a step to our success,” said Cunningham.

Since entering the State Tournament, the dynamics of the practices have changed.

“Practices are different now because the stakes are so much higher, the enthusiasm within the team is much higher than it has ever been and this takes more focus and determination,” said Cunningham.

She has been playing basketball for six years, and it has become her favorite pastime.

“I chose this sport because I get to express myself. Also, I have made so many new friends along with mentors that shaped me into the player I am today. Winning makes me feel like my hard work paid off,” said Cunningham.  

After training all season and playing for six years, Cunningham saw her championship victories as huge rewards.

“I felt famous! We were all boosting one another up and cheering our heads off. There is no way to describe the feeling I had after our win. It was amazing,” said Cunningham.

She has loved celebrating as a team by going to team dinners. Cunningham has a really good feeling about Semi-State if they practice like they have been in previous weeks.

“Practicing for Semi-State is going well. We’ve been working hard, and our coaches have been working to watch film and learn what steps need to be taken for us to reach our goal of becoming Semi-State champions,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham encourages everyone to find something they love and stick with it. She has learned that by working hard, anything is possible.

Cunningham had simple advice for any athlete.

“Train like it’s your last. Be confident and have faith in what you do. You never know when your games could be cut short, you really never know. Make sure you go strong and go hard in everything you do, not just in sports. Never give up on yourself or your team because the game is not over until the buzzer goes off,” said Cunningham.   


Story by Kaden Lewellyn 

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