Hamilton’s Artistic Lessons Stretch Beyond Pen and Ink

Many students at PHS enjoy engaging themselves in the fine arts. Walking down our hallways, one can see display cases filled with beautiful student artwork. One PHS senior, Hunter Hamilton, has added numerous works of art to these displays. Over four years, Hamilton has discovered new talents and a passion that will continue to the future.

Hamilton started his career in art as a freshman and has learned many new techniques and styles along his journey. Hamilton is currently enrolled in Mr. Jones’ AP art class and is creating works to send off to earn college credit.

Along with the new art styles and works Hamilton has studied, he has also built a strong and beneficial relationship with his instructor.

Art class has taught me a lot of things, some not relating to art at all. Mr. Jones has shaped my art abilities through the years to be able to create interesting pieces while teaching me valuable life lessons along the way,” said Hamilton.

Many people fail to understand the practice and patience it takes to excel in art, but it is something Hamilton has been working on for some time.

Hamilton spends his time in art class doing a variety of work from painting to shading, but he does have specific areas he enjoys more than others.

My favorite thing to do in art is being able to form an image in my head and having the ability to put it to paper,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton has done head figures for special occasions and events at PHS. Looking into the future, Hamilton is determining whether or not to continue making artwork.

“After high school, my art career will most likely fade due to college classes and no longer having art deadlines to meet, but I want to continue to create pieces on my own when I have free time,” said Hamilton.

Whether Hamilton’s art interests continue on through his life or not, he has gained skills and talents that will aid him in no matter what he chooses to do. Looking back on his four years of art, Hamilton is glad for the experiences he had and now passes his advice onto the future art students of PHS.

“Becoming a great artist takes practice and working with a variety of subjects and mediums. Try not to get frustrated and keep working to make the image in your mind a reality,” said Hamilton.


Story by Dietrich Sears

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