Senior Katie May Optimistic About Future in Photography

Many people have passions, and for senior Katie May, it is photography. May takes pictures for her high school photography class, and she also likes to take pictures out of school.

She photographs sports, head shots, nature and other things that catch the eye. May is interested in photography because she can express her and other people’s personalities through photos.

“I love making people feel confident with themselves in my photos,” said May.

This year, May serves as the media staff’s senior headshot photographer, which means she is in charge of getting the entire class of 2018 to sit for their photo for the yearbook.

Being able to plan for that many photos and accomplish it was no small feat, as she was able to photograph everyone by winter break.

However, taking a headshot for the yearbook is more than “point and shoot.” There are challenges she faced while taking a few of the photos.

“Taking pictures of people who wear glasses is difficult. The lighting reflects off of the glasses, which creates a glare. The most rewarding thing about headshots seeing how well and professional the pictures look,” said May.

Along the way, May has learned some valuable lessons about working with people.

“Some people aren’t very cooperative and don’t care how they look in pictures,” said May.

In addition to growing this year as a photographer, May has also learned new skills in PhotoShop and Lightroom, two post production programs that are challenging to learn.

“I have been very impressed with Katie’s willingness to sit down and the computer and learn these programs at a new level. There is only so much I can teach her, and she has really taken it upon herself to get better and making her photos really beautiful in the edits,” said yearbook advisor Heather Nichols. “She reached out to Tammy Noble, who was also able to work with her, and that has been a big help.”

May plans to have photography as a side career or hobby in the near future.

“I would love being a hairstylist while becoming a professional photographer,” said May.


Story by Noah Chaplin


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