Construction Trades Class Impacts Community

PHS gives students many great learning opportunities outside of academics. There are many classes and activities that include many hands-on learning experiences. The construction trades class, taught by Jon Shellenberger, has recently given students a chance to learn about construction while also impacting the lives of others.

“There are many good jobs available in the construction field, and through participating in the construction trades program, the students are presented with many opportunities to open doors to a successful, enjoyable and profitable career,” said Shellenberger.

The biggest project the construction class is working on right now is the construction of the Habitat for Humanity house in Paoli. The house is located behind the Dillman-Scott Funeral Home on Thorton Street. This year, Shellenberger, along with 25 students, will be working at the site.

Habitat for Humanity helps provide homes for families who do not have a home. While the students help build the home, they learn the skills needed for any field in construction as well as basic skills they could use in everyday life, while also providing someone with a home. This project is a great learning opportunity and allows the students to benefit the community.

“Even if you’re not interested in construction, taking construction trades is good to take just for basic knowledge on how to do things around the house,” said senior Pete Penn.

Along with helping students develop construction skills, Shellenberger is leading students in the right direction after high school and helping them get good jobs.

Right now, the construction trades program is one of the best and strongest programs at PHS for building and construction.

This project overall is very important and meaningful to Shellenberger and the students taking part.

“I hope that they experience the value of supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity and continue participating in community service opportunities,” said Shellenberger.


Story by Avery Owens

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