PHS Institutes Student of the Week

PHS has come up with a solution to make the students at Paoli feel more respected, acknowledged and meaningful. Each week, one student from each grade will get nominated by teachers for student of the week and student of the month.

The students who got nominated this past week were seventh grader Braxton Clarkson, eighth grader Aliza Allen, freshman Zoe Farris, sophomore Garrick Stidams, junior Kainan Yother and senior Madison Street.

“The students who attend our school should be acknowledged for their success,” said Unsicker.

Not only do the students get recognized, they could have a chance to win a five dollar gift card out of a random draw.

“For some students, getting the gift card would make them motivated to do better in school,” said Unsicker.

There are four categories of consideration to become student of the week or month, responsibility and work ethic, citizenship and character, academic performance and leadership.

PHS has also made other incentives for students to try harder in school.

This year, the school made another rule that if you have not missed a class more than twice and have at least an 85 percent in that class, you do not have to take a final. AP classes are the only exception.

Not only do we have gift cards, but we also have the option to bypass finals if you work hard and accomplish your goals you set for yourself.

“I think we could really make a change in our school with these new rules,” said Unsicker.


Story by Corinne Magner

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