Seven Teachers New to PHS Faculty

With the dismissal or resignation of several teachers at PHS comes the arrival of many new ones. There are seven new faces at PHS this school year and are as follows: choir teacher BJ Crowder, math teacher Aaron Key, resource teacher Heath Snider, English teacher Rachel Miller, study hall supervisor Caitlyn Manchaca, government teacher Ryan Canada, and high school resource teacher Jessica Matheny.

Additionally, the school board made a decision August 13 to rehire seventh grade math teacher Jackie Bosley. The new contract is permanent; however, it is understood that following this school year she will officially retire.

Reasons for accepting a job at PHS can vary. For study hall supervisor Caitlyn Manchaca, PHS has always been home.

“I graduated from Paoli, and I knew there wasn’t another school that would ever be able to compare to Paoli,” said Manchaca.

With a couple weeks already completed, English teacher Rachel Miller has already learned many things about PHS. She does not owe this understanding to herself, but to her students.

“I have learned how to use a myriad of Google apps and sites. My prior Google experience was limited to Gmail, but I am learning quickly. Stacie Durbin, Heather Nichols and my students have all been excellent teachers,” said Miller.

The new teachers at PHS are very anxious to see how this school year turns out. Every new teacher is accepted at Paoli, and all students should work to make them feel sincerely welcomed.


Story by Jace Ingle

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