New Class Officers Elected

A new school year brings new faces to the leadership roles at PHS.  New class officers are elected every year. This year, the freshmen class officers are President Michael Hannon, Vice President Gracie Walls, Secretary Kylee Charles, Treasurer Caleb Jones and Historian Corrine Magner.

“I am excited to take on the role as president. I believe the freshmen officers will do a great job with whatever we are faced with,” said Hannon.

The sophomore class officers are the following: President Maggie Vincent, Vice President Haley Owens, Secretary Lili Seals, Treasurer Victoria Tuell and Historian Lauren Umpleby.

Junior class representatives are President Maddy McDonald, Vice President EB Kerby, Secretary Kinley Block, Treasurer Lauren Rutherford and Historian Aron Busick.

Finally, the senior class officers are President Rachel Umpleby, Vice President Ming Wang, Secretary Nick Douthitt, Treasurer Emma Osborn and Historian Tyson Lawson.

The senior class officers will leave the school with responsibilities such as planning class reunions. The juniors also have a big role; they will be planning the 2019 Prom and will begin the process very soon.

“I am very excited to be a part of prom preparation, and I am ready to hear all of the other officers’ ideas,” said Maddy McDonald.

This year’s officers are ready to take on the responsibilities and new leadership roles at PHS.


Story by Kaden Lewellyn

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