Student Council Redesigned for New Year

This year, Student Council is trying something new. Along with the new sponsors, the members were elected differently, and they will have special committees for certain events and activities.

“One of the biggest changes to Student Council is the combination of both Booster Club and Student Council. The joined clubs will have more responsibilities,” said Student Council sponsor Carol Fullington.

Any student who was interested in running for Student Council was asked to run as a homeroom representative. Out of those students, one was chosen through a vote by the rest of the homeroom. The other remaining candidates could apply for the at-large positions.

The Student Council President is senior Emma Osborn. Osborn will oversee all Student Council decisions and events the committees come up with.

“Student Council was divided into smaller committees, and in addition to spirit days, hall decorating and pep sessions, Student Council will also have a special events committee to organize whole school events. A policy committee will also be formed to give students a voice in changing our handbook,” said Fullington.

This change to Student Council and Booster Club is intended to better connect students and teachers. It gives students a chance to be heard and make decisions for PHS.

“I am very excited that students will have a bigger and better voice in our school. Students have the opportunity to make this a more positive place, and other students are more likely to buy into that positivity if it is lead by people their age,” said Fullington.

With more students involved, new ideas and perspectives will be added. Many people are excited for the change and new policies here at PHS.


Story by Kaden Lewellyn

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