Service Day: Humane Society

Service Day is a day for the students and teachers to make a difference in the community. On October 11, media teacher Heather Nichols will take a group of students to the Orange County Humane Society. Nichols has led this project for four years now.

Cleaning, washing the animals, walking the dogs and promoting the animals on social media to find potential homes are a few things the group plans to do to make a difference.

Chemistry teacher Melissa Higgins and social studies teacher Amy Tuell have a project that involves the Humane Society as well. Tuell, Higgins and the students in their group will be making dog biscuits and treats for the animals in the shelter. They have been doing this project since the commencement of service day.

“We make dog biscuits for the Humane Society because the dogs deserve special treats.  It also gives the students a sense of service,” said Tuell.

Helping at the Humane Society was the main inspiration to have a service day in the first place. The students and the staff are pleased to be able to help out and try to spread goodness for pets.

“I am so happy so many people want to help out and give back to the animals in our community,” said Nichols.


Story by Corinne Magner

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