English Students to Attend Live Action Show Tomorrow

Last year, the English 10 Pre-AP class had the opportunity to read Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley. This year, the same group of students, who are now in English 11 Pre-AP, will be taking a field trip to watch the story in live action.

English teacher Brooke Goerres now has the English 11 Pre-AP class which is invited to go on the trip.  The field trip will take place October 23 at Stage One Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky.

“English Pre-AP 11 students read the novel Frankenstein last year in Mrs. Wishart’s class. It will be a good experience for the students to see the story come to life on stage,” said Goerres.

Wishart and Goerres are both excited for the students to finally see the words they once read come to life in front of them.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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