Taylor’s Time Behind the Camera

Photography is a recreational activity that many experiment in, but for senior Mahalia Taylor, photography is a hobby she has enjoyed for many years and continues to appreciate as she grows older. Photography is a way to see the world in a different light through every picture and every new angle.

Taylor first became introduced to photography when she was in the eighth grade. Her sister-in-law, a professional photographer, inspired her to try it out when Taylor went along to shoot a wedding with her. From this moment, she fell in love.

Along with her sister-in-law, media adviser Heather Nichols was and continues to be a very influential person in Taylor’s photography journey. Nichols has always pushed Taylor out of her comfort zone when it comes to taking pictures, and she enjoys the challenge that comes along with the tasks Nichols faces her with.

At PHS, Taylor is the photographer in charge of taking all senior headshots for the yearbook. Outside of school, she has recently taken family pictures for her sister’s family. Taylor has also been asked to take pictures for many local businesses.

“To be a photographer, you have to be very dedicated. It takes a lot of your time and responsibility, and it is also very difficult. At the end of the day, photography is really fun. It is worth every second and every struggle,” said Taylor.

The most challenging part of photography is getting the good quality pictures, but this is a challenge Taylor enjoys the most. It is important to not get discouraged and continue to find the perfect shot.
“Photography is always going to be a hobby of mine. It is something I will continue to enjoy and a way to kill time as I grow older,” said Taylor.

After graduation, Taylor is undecided on what school she will be attending, but she plans to pursue a degree in graphic design. She hopes to take photography classes as well but is going to focus primarily on pursuing her major.  


Story by Madison Street

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