Spanish II Students Enlightened on Hispanic Culture

On Wednesday, October 24, Rachel Carter’s Spanish II classes headed to Louisville to watch Latin American dances. The show, put on by the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet, was created as a way to deliver the “finest in cultural education program services to K-12 students across the United States of America,” according to the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet website.

“The goal of the field trip was for students to enjoy and appreciate the Hispanic culture,” said Carter, who has gone on similar field trips for thirty years. “Students were able to see and hear in person the music and language of the Hispanic world.”

The show consisted of different dances, including the tango, the Mexican hat dance and more. During the performance, sophomores Maggie Vincent and Madison Shinkle were invited on the stage.

After the show, students went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant to continue the learning and appreciation of Hispanic culture.

“I’m just so proud of your Spanish II students who represented themselves and our school so well,” said Carter.


Story by Rebekah Reeves

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