McDonald Leads Racing Team

Senior Jacob McDonald has been a part of the Supermileage team for six years. McDonald was drawn to the team because he has a passion for both engineering and racing; McDonald describes it as “the perfect mix.”

When McDonald first joined Supermileage, they were a team that designed a car to operate on gas. Currently, McDonald and the rest of the team strive to construct a car that runs on electricity. To McDonald, constructing the different cars is the most exciting part.

“I am very proud of the way my team works together. We have come a long way as a team. We are able to work together and solve problems together the way a team should,” said McDonald.

Along with having the responsibility of building a car from scratch to race in competitions, McDonald has had to hold the weight of being Team Captain for four years. Although this position has given him a few struggles, McDonald has learned patience and leadership from it as well.

“These skills will help me later in life in whatever career path I take,” said McDonald.

Because McDonald wants to continue in the engineering field, being on the Supermileage team as been extremely beneficial for him. McDonald has learned skills related to engineering as well as what to expect when pursuing an engineering career.

“I have also learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to building the cars because everything imaginable can and will happen. I’ve learned to work through the frustrations of cars not working and things not going the right way,” said McDonald.

Supermileage has been a part of McDonald’s life for six years, so the team as well as the people involved in it have left an impact on him. The faculty support comes from ITE teacher Jason Goodman and economics teacher Cliff Brannon as well as volunteer work from members in the community, including Jerrell Dennis, Luke Becht and Ben Bosley.

“This team has meant so much to me over the years. I’m not sure what I will miss the most, but this team has impacted my life forever and will not be forgotten. We have been nothing short of a family,” said McDonald.

McDonald highly recommends Supermileage to anyone planning on going towards an engineering path. Within the club, members learn about STEM curriculum, calculating and constructing, all skills required in an engineering job. Supermileage has been a beneficial experience for McDonald, and it has prepared him for his future.

McDonald plans to attend Purdue University with a major in agricultural systems management and minor in business. In addition, McDonald plans to be on Purdue’s Supermileage team.


Story by Sara Kesterson

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