Reeves Gains Skills by Leading Writing Team

Senior Rebekah Reeves is one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief in the media department at PHS. She has also accepted an internship position with the Paoli-News Republican, which helps her in being the staff leader.

“I am a leader to the writing staff for the media department. I help edit and organize things the writers need to do and act as a mentor to them. Along with being the co-EIC, I am also the feature editor for the writing staff. As a feature editor, it is my responsibility to come up with feature ideas as well as assign and edit stories,” said Reeves.  

Reeves has been a part of the media department since her freshman year. At first, she was a writer for the staff but wanted to design for the yearbook. After writing for a year, she realized how much she liked writing and decided to stay on the writing staff. One of Reeves’ favorite things about being the the writing leader is building strong relationships with the other parts of the staff. Since Reeves has become the editor, she has grown as a person and a leader.  

Prior to being co-EIC, I was really scared of telling people what to do and taking charge, but since being the staff leader, I have learned how to be a leader, and it’s really helped me a lot,” said Reeves.

However, being the writing leader can have its challenges. Reeves has a difficult time being the writers’ friend while also being their leader too. It is harding finding a balance for Reeves; she can easily help those she is close to but has a hard time with others.

Even though Reeves’s responsibilities in the media department can be stressful, she loves what she is doing for the department.

Being the writing leader is stressful, but it’s worth it. I’ve gotten closer to a lot of my writers as a leader, and I’m able to help them with writing, which is one of my passions. I have a lot to do as the the staff leader, but I love it more than anything,” said Reeves.  

Reeves has also taken an internship position at the Paoli-News Republican. Reeves heard about the opportunity from her uncle, who is the editor at the Paoli-News Republican. She took this internship in because she is very interested in journalism. She wants to pursue a career in some kind of journalism form, which could include writing or English. Through her internship, Reeves writes captions and mini features for the paper.  

Reeves’ top choices for colleges in the future include Franklin and Indiana University Southeast. She plans to major in communications and minor in journalism. Reeves believes this internship experience will help her learn more about what is going on behind the scenes of journalism.


Story by Faith Wilder

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