Vincent Reflects on a Winning Season

Not all of the action in football takes place on the field. Many people help behind the scenes to support the football team. Sophomore Maggie Vincent is a manager for the team.

Vincent has just finished her fifth year being a manager. In the past five years, she has made many memories.

“My favorite memories have been time spent with the other girls and trainers. We always have so much fun, whether we are cleaning a stinky locker room or hanging out at practices. I also cherish all my memories spent with the coaches and players. I’ve grown up around football my whole life, so I feel like the coaches and players are family. We always have so many laughs together and so many great stories. There have been way too many memories to even count,” said Vincent.

There is a lot that goes into being a manager. Vincent’s various jobs and tasks include filling up water bottles, fixing broken helmets, organizing medical kits, helping tape the players’ ankles and doing anything coaches or players may ask for. It can get really stressful during a game. The managers may have to fix a helmet so a player can get back in as quickly as possible or constantly have different equipment ready.

She doesn’t have to do these tasks alone, however. The other managers with her this past year were senior Lexi Smith, junior Kayla Bailey, sophomore Alyssa Warren, freshman Lillie Warren and seventh grader Madison Warren.

Vincent remembers two games more than the rest. One was her favorite game to be at, and the other was her least favorite. The best game she remembers was this year’s Sectional championship. Overall, she said it was a great environment to be around, and it was a very exciting game. Vincent likes how the whole team came together to push for a Sectional championship.

“The worst game I’ve been to was the Providence game a little over a year ago when we lost to them in Sectional. It was a sad night for my family because it was my brother’s last high school football game, and it turned out to be my dad’s last game as a high school football coach after 20 years. There were many tears that night. It was sad watching my brother and dad walk away from a game they both loved to much,” said Vincent.

Even though some games are sad, Vincent can always find something that cheers her up.

“My favorite part is after we score, and I look in the stands and see everyone so excited,” said Vincent.


Story by Michael Hannon

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