Behr Learns Life Lessons from Archery

Senior Chandlyer Behr has been a member of the PHS archery team since her freshman year. The archery team has been a big part of her life for the past four years, and she has learned so much from her time on the team.

“It has made me realize that everyone’s scores come together to make a team. Everyone has to try their hardest at all times. It has taught me teamwork as well as patience,” said Behr.

Behr has met many new friends and made many memories that she will always remember. Archery takes practice and is not an easy task; it comes with lots of responsibility and maturity. She learned this by working with her team, being a leader and taking charge.

Every year for the past four years, the team has competed in State, Nationals and Worlds. Each year the team goes to various tournaments and then travels to State. If they advance, they go to Nationals, and finally, they travel to Worlds. Behr competed in these contests multiple times. Behr’s favorite memory was from her time with the team when they traveled to Switzerland County for a yearly tournament.

“It was a fun day with my team, and I loved singing a bunch of songs with them in our free time,” said Behr.

Behr and the team have had a very successful past four years. As her time on the team is nearing its end, she encourages others to join archery.

“It has definitely been one of the best things I have ever done, and it will teach you so many life lessons. Honestly, it has been one of my biggest accomplishments because it is something I love to do,” said Behr.  

Behr has grown as an archer over the past four years, but she does not plan to continue with archery after high school. She intends to pursue a nursing career after she graduates high school.

“I will definitely continue to shoot in my free time, but I will no longer be participating in tournaments for a team after I graduate,” said Behr.


Story by Kaden Lewellyn

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