Hiring Process Underway for New Football Head Coach

After the departure of football coach Jeremy Lowery, School Board members consider new candidates for the position.

For this position, Principal Chad Johnson is looking for a person with enthusiasm, a passion for working with students and helping them succeed, strong organizational skills, a strong work ethic and the motivation and ability to lead staff and develop assistant coaches.

“We have many who have shown interest, and we feel that there are some very strong candidates in the applicant pool,” said Johnson.

The new hire will have to take on a big responsibility to fill this position. They will be in charge of all aspects of the football program, including junior high football and the Paoli Youth Football League. The new coach will also need to be visible in the school and community and support all academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Athletic Director Darek Newkirk wants a coach who knows the game well and is passionate about football.

“We have the job listed in multiple places to try and get the best candidates possible,” said Newkirk.

The job has been open since February 8, and the deadline for applications was February 22. Johnson and Newkirk received over 20 applications, and interviews are beginning for selected applicants. The interview committee will consist of members of the administration and School Board members.

“We hope to interview by the end of the month and have some direction on our recommendation for the Board by then,” said Johnson.


Story by Makiya Russelburg

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