Workman Sisters Working Together

It is inevitable that siblings spend a lot of time together. For junior Erica Workman and sophomore Elizabeth Workman, this holds true. Along with school, the Workman sisters participate in many things together, including track, cross country and 4-H. They have been participating in 4-H for 7 years together.

Erica, the oldest, shows pigs, makes scrapbooks and is involved in Junior Leaders. Junior leaders is a program for 4-H members in grades 7-12 that teaches leadership skills and community service. The members assist with local activities, events and charities. Because she has been in 4-H for 8 years, there were many opportunities to learn along the way.

“I’ve learned that you have to take control when you are dealing with pigs. It is not easy, but I love it,” said Erica.

Elizabeth shows pigs, decorates cakes, and is involved in Junior Leaders.

Similar to Erica, Elizabeth is also very involved with her pigs. She has won Reserve Grand Champion and first place in her class several times.

“I love showing pigs. We get the pigs several months before fair, and that gives us time to work with them. When we get to the fair, we wash the pigs a couple times and shave them. Erica and I help each other clean the pigs and get them ready to show,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth plans on being involved in 4-H for the next two years alongside Erica. Being a part of the 4-H program has brought the pair closer together. They have grown together, worked side by side and learned how to encourage each other to do their best.

The girls look forward to spending the next two years together doing something they love.

Story by Kaden Lewellyn

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