PHS Student Council is Ready for a Successful Year

High school student council elections were held on August 21 for the 2019-2020 school year.

This year’s members include: freshmen Wyatt Blankenship, River Fleming, Clara Henderson, Mackenzie Neal and Ashleigh Garcia; sophomores Katie Amonette, Rylie Atkins, Autumn Garrett, Corinne Magner, Marcus McGuire, Tinsley Moffatt and Karyas Slaten; juniors Briannah Andis, Trey Cranfield, Haley Owens, Tara Robbins and Alyssa Warren and seniors Kinley Block, Hobie Bobbitt, Harley Bush, Aron Busick, Madison Cunningham, Jalyn Engleking, Sarah Kanz, EB Kerby, Kyla Lee, Sierra Manship, Maddy McDonald, Avery Owens, Lauren Rutherford, Lexi Stroud and Erica Workman.

“I think the overall elections went very well, I am grateful to have a lot of great people this year,” said Student Council Coordinator Neil Dittmer. 

If students were not elected for student council by their homeroom, they had the opportunity to apply for an at large position. In order to do this, students had to have ten student signatures and one teacher or guardian signature.

PHS student council organizes many activities to do throughout the school year. For fall homecoming, student council members hosted a post-football game event after the Orange Bowl on September 6. Students could race in the inflatable obstacle course and play spike ball, corn hole or nine square. There was also pizza provided to eat.

“I am excited for this year and all the fun things that we’ll be helping out with and hosting, especially Macho Man Volleyball and Powder Puff Football,” said Fleming.

Story by Corinne Magner

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