Police Dog Finn Sweatshirt Order Forms due Today

Early last week, Paoli High School JAG students had the opportunity to meet with K-9 Officer Ryan Smith and his police dog, Finn. JAG students learned about the K-9 unit and the work that is necessary for it.

“Finn is absolutely an asset to our small town and keeping us safe. I love that we have him here working hard and doing good for our community,” said JAG teacher Katie Cook.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is having a sweatshirt fundraiser to raise funds to keep up with Finn’s needs. The PHS JAG classes have decided to participate in this fundraiser and help sell the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts come in military green, gray and black and sizes from small up to 4 XL are available for $25. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing a sweatshirt to support Finn, contact a JAG student or Cook to place an order. All orders are due by November 1. For more information, contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Story by Avery Owens

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