Three PHS Band Members Receive High Honor

This year, junior Trey Cranfield, senior Aron Royer and senior Koby Durbin had the opportunity to be on the IMEA Honor Band. These students traveled to Fort Wayne for the IMEA Honor Band event from January 16 to 18.

In order to be a member of the Honor Band, an application is submitted in late summer. Each applicant school is allowed a maximum of four members at the event. To choose members, the IMEA member directors come together to review the turned-in applications. Their selection decision is based on previous experience in Solo & Ensemble events and past attendance in the IBA Junior All-State Band, the IBA All-Region and All-District Honor Bands and the IBA All-State Band. 

“It means a tremendous amount to me to be selected to such a prestigious group that annually gathers some of the best musicians in the state to produce a wonderful performance for spectators, something that each student and performer there shares a sole passion in doing,” said Cranfield.

The pride and recognition that comes from being selected is shared among the group.

“It is a special honor to be able to be even considered for this,” said Royer.

The next Solo & Ensemble event will take place at Jasper Middle School on February 8. For this event, musicians will be working to clean up pieces of music they have been given or selected. If they receive a high enough score on their performance, the musician will advance to State Solo & Ensemble, which will be held later in February.

Story by Hayley Taylor

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