Auditorium Audio Update Underway

After many issues during the production of The Sound of Music this past fall, including the failure of the sound system, music teacher Bill Laughlin decided to coordinate a repair project. 

“We are excited to do some needed repairs on the audio system of our auditorium. We opened the doors in the fall of 2008 and have not had any work done on that equipment for some time.  It was getting into rapid decline. These repairs should have us set up to run things as normal,” said Laughlin.

At the school board meeting held on January 13, a quote of $4,626.50 was received from SystemMax AV & Lighting to repair the sound system, and it was approved. Work is already underway on the needed improvements and audience members can expect to have a much improved experience. 

“Technical difficulties create some of our greatest challenges during a production.  I am grateful the system is being repaired,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart.

Story by Lili Seals


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