Wheel of Wonder

Senior Artist Dusts off Ceramics Wheel

Senior Taylor Becht is the only student enrolled in the AP Ceramics and Sculpture class for the semester.

For the first time, Becht has had the opportunity to use the pottery wheel – a skill taught only in this course. In order to be in this class, one must first take ceramics where students sculpt only with their hands.

Past Projects

The wheel enables Becht to create a symmetric, round piece of art, though she admits it is not an easy tool to use.

“Throwing clay on a wheel is an extremely hard talent to learn,” said Becht.

So far, Becht has made several different types of pieces, the variety of pottery teaching her different techniques. She has plans for more intricate, complicated works moving forward.

“So far I’ve made mugs, pots, watering pots, teapots and a variety of shaped water containers,” said Becht.

The Future

In the future, she plans to take pottery and woodworking classes when she goes to college.

“When I go to college this will be fantastic to know. It will really put me a step ahead of my other peers,” said Becht.

Becht is ready to see what these next weeks have in store for her as she continues to use the wheel.

“Throwing clay on a wheel is an extremely hard talent to learn. Most people at our school who have done it are football players because you need the strength to form the clay and keep it centered. It really has been a great experience,” said Becht.

Story by Corrine Magner

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