Board Adopts Meal Charging Change


The meal charging policy at PHS has been changed. Adopted on October 9, students are expected to pay for meals in advance or on the day the meal is served. Students may charge up to a $25 limit in their lunch or breakfast account before paying off their meals. Once the $25 limit is reached, the child will only be able to receive an alternate meal and not a meal of their choice.

Forgetting meal money is another story. Students can eat that day’s reimbursable meal only and then are expected to bring money for the meal the following day. The cafeteria will also be sending home payment reminders with those having $5 or less in their lunch account each Friday.

Not receiving payment for a longer period of time will result in a letter being sent to the child’s address on file to clarify the ability of the Board to take their parents or guardians to small claims court over the missing lunch payment. The parent will also be responsible for the cost of the court date, which will add to the amount of debt already on hand.

Story by Kennedy Embry