Marshall Racks Up Wins for Rams

Senior Kyle Marshall is a crucial part of the varsity tennis team. As an experienced, four year varsity player, Marshall has embraced many roles on the team and has served as a role model for younger aspiring players.
Marshall has played tennis for seven years. He started in sixth grade when he attended a youth camp and fell in love with the game.
“I started playing when I was in sixth grade because my brother, Evan, started playing just before me,” said Marshall. “It just seemed like a really fun sport.”
Marshall has been playing doubles since his freshman year. His partner has been Adam Engleking for all four years. The duo has had a lot of success in their four years as a pair and have racked up plenty of wins for the Rams.
As an individual, Marshall has won the Mental Attitude Award along with Most Valuable Player for his dedication and performance on the tennis team.
“As a person, tennis has taught me to never give up. No matter what, you just have to keep working. Win or lose, keep working to get better,” said Marshall.
Some of Marshall’s fondest memories of tennis come from varsity coach Jim O’Connell. O’Connell has been a part of the tennis program for a long time as an assistant. He recently took over as head coach before Marshall’s junior season.
“I have loved getting coached up by Coach O. He has been a large part of my career in Paoli tennis. Listening to all of his sayings was really funny, and I gained a lot of wisdom from him,” said Marshall.
Marshall’s most cherished accomplishments as a tennis player have nothing to do with individual awards.
“Honestly, I’m most proud of my team for sticking together through the years and having a winning record my senior year,” said Marshall.
Marshall does not plan to play tennis after high school. However, if a college reaches out to him to play, there is a possibility he will pick up the racket again in college.

Story by Garrett Vincent