Twenty Questions with Senior Lara Brace


Courtesy Photo

Senior Lara Brace poses with her cow during the winter season.

  1. What’s the best part of rain?

    • I can sleep in.
  2. What’s a food you vow never to eat?

    • cheese
  3. If you were to work at a circus, what job would you choose?

    • lion tamer
  4. Do you have a favorite brand?

    • I have like five favorite brands
  5. What’s the most difficult thing about being you?

    • I’m short. 
  6. If you were going to start your own business, what would it be?

    • cow breeding business
  7. What law have you broken the most in your life? 

    • texting & driving 
  8. What doesn’t exist, but should?

    • tooth fairy 
  9. If you could change the length of each day to make it perfect for you, how many hours would it be?

    • 7 hours
  10. What country sounds interesting but you know very little about it?


    • any country besides the united states 
  11. Is there a personality trait that you’d like to adopt from one of your friends?

    • being able to hold my tongue like faith & not say what comes to my brain when it comes to me 
  12. What’s something uncomfortable but you feel everyone should experience at least once in their life?

    • opening a pad in a bathroom 
  13. If it was possible to transplant your brain to stay alive for another 100 years, would you?

    • no. 
  14. What’s something that you believe you’ll never be able to do well?

    • see over people
  15. If you could only ask one question to each person you meet, what would that question be?

    • are you going to waste my time? 
  16. Would the world be better or worse if superheroes existed?

    • worse
  17. If you were handed $500 at this moment, how would you spend it?

    • probably on something stupid like hucks bigg swiggs 
  18. What’s something that you believe that most other people don’t?

    • Dallas cowboys are the best football team of all time 
  19. What situation is sure to make you cry?

    • watching military homecoming videos 
  20. What’s something in your fridge right now that should probably be thrown out?

    • Starbucks coffee from like two weeks ago