15 Minutes of Fame: Senior Kyrsten Fehribach


Courtesy Photo

Senior Kyrsten Fehribach poses with her track award.

1.Where are you going for college?

Indiana State University.

2.Why this particular college?

They reached out to me so I could run track at their school.

3.What events will you run in college?

I’m definitely going to be running both hurdles and doing high jump but I’m also thinking about being a multi so I’ll be able to do multiple events, some that I haven’t done before. 

4.What would you say motivates you when you run?

My friends, my family, and my coaches. 

5.What is your major going to be?

I plan to major in the nursing field, I might go into massage therapy because I will be doing ROTC as well. 

6.What got you interested in running in college?

 For me it’s like an escape , I’d like to leave this place sometimes.

7.Have you met the coaches at the college?


8.Do you know when your season starts?


9.Are you preparing for your college season yet?

Currently I am preparing myself for my college season. 

10.What are you hoping to get out of your college experience?

I’m hoping to get out of the college experience, to be able to say that I accomplished that. that I accomplished something that was not easy to accomplish. I want my dad to be proud.