15 Minutes of Fame: Senior McKali Hedge


Courtesy Photo

Senior McKali Hedge poses with her horse.

1.How did you decide to do the CDL class?

It’s just something I thought would be good to get and have for the future.

2.What were the difficult parts in the class?

Learning every part of the truck.

3.What type of CDL are you working for?

Class A CDL.

4.What was your favorite part of this experience?

Getting to drive the truck and learning to drive manual.

5.What was your least favorite part of the class?

The book works.

6.How long did it take for you to finish?

Still working on it.

7.Where are you planning on working with the CDL?

Not sure but when I turn 21 I want to go coast to coast.

8.What did your schedule look like with getting it? 

The class takes up three school periods. Very busy.