15 Minutes of Fame: Freshman Kailynn Larimore


Courtesy Photo

Freshman Kailynn Larimore poses with her competitive cheer team.

1.What first got you into Competitive cheer?

I went to Paoli elite when I was little and have done it ever since.

2.How often do you have competitions ?

We have about 2-3 every month

3.How long have you been doing competitive cheer and Why ?

Since I was 4  because my mom put me into it and have done it ever since

4.How would you get yourself ready for competitions?

I get up at 6 and get my uniform on and do my hair and makeup.

5.Do you wish to continue this hobby in the future?

Yes, I want to go to college and do it

6.What is the best thing about competitive cheer?

I enjoy meeting new people and becoming really close with them

7.What is something you would tell people interested in Competitive cheer ?

Go for it, it’s worth it and the experience 

8.What Gym do you cheer for ?

(LCS)Lawrence count shine