Pep Band Invitational Re-cap

Saturday, January 14 was an exciting day for the Pride of Paoli Pep Band. Starting recently, The Orleans Pep Band has hosted a Pep Band Invitational for pep bands around Indiana. The invitational consists of bands playing popular music, mascots showing school spirit and a chance to meet kids from other schools.

The Pride of Paoli Pep Band performed songs including: Come on Feel the Noise, Birdland, Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, Holiday, Paoli’s School Song, Hey and the famous Zombie Nation.

Sophomore Arturo Oceguera, eighth graders Charlie Chapman and Judah Gehl, all three took turns being the Pride’s mascot, Rocky the Ram. The mascots also took part in activities. Such as making a basket and racing while in costume.

“The mascots are hilarious especially when they switch out. It was a lot of fun and excitement,” said freshman Nikki Ramsey.

While waiting to perform, the Pride of Paoli Pep Band had a chance to mingle and watch other bands perform.

“I thought the boy from Borden who was dancing was pretty funny,” said eighth grader Morgan Dotts.

The time had finally arrived. It was time for awards. The Pride of Paoli Pep Band received “Best Percussion” and 1st in their class.

“When I heard we got first place I was really happy and excited but I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew we’d kick butt and get first,” said freshman Jody Clements on her feelings about the awarding.

It appears as if The Orleans Pep Band Invitational has become a favorite event for the Pride of Paoli Pep Band.

“How I feel about going back to Orleans next year for the Orleans Bulldog Regiment Pep Band Invitational is how a toddler feels when it gets its first hot wheel. Excited, and I feel the need to show it,” said junior Kay Anna Hodges on her excitement about returning next year.

Even if the event is just for kicks, most kids cannot wait to go back.

Story By Brooklyn Dotts