Walker’s Book Review on the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a book about 24 kids, ages 12 to 18 that are thrown into an arena filled with situations causing them to turn against each other.  The book takes place after the apocalypse of the world. This new world is cruel which is satisfying to the capital who tries to keep the fellow people in the country in check.  These “tributes” compete for their lives and the glory of rewards, while every move they make is aired on TV for everyone to watch.  When Katniss Everdeen volunteers to go in these deathly games in place of her sister, the tables turn.  She faces many obstacles but as the games go on Katniss’s true obstacles are choosing the right thing to do and standing up for what’s right.

I liked this book because it introduced something that I had never read before. I also liked Collins’ idea of the book and how a group of people could be so cruel. It was also very well written and matched the theme very well.

I personally couldn’t find anything wrong with the book. Some people might not like it because there are a lot of injuries and deaths, and they might not be able to handle the graphics of it.

The Hunger Games is coming soon to theatres. I would recommend everyone to read the book before seeing the movie. It is an excellent book and it’s hard not to love it.

Emma Walker