Ellis’s journey to becoming a soldier

Ellis’s journey to becoming a soldier

Jonathan Ellis is a senior with life changing plans.

“My grandpa always told me you can’t live a life without saving someone else’s. To be honest I was brainwashed. But the idea of sticking beside my friends, of being in a unit, it struck me like gold,” said Ellis.

Ellis wants to graduate and join the military, a more specific branch, The Army. Most students graduate from school and want to grow up and become doctors, lawyers, and teachers. But Ellis wants to become a soldier.

“I wanted to show everybody that I was going to make it. I wanted to have a better life than my own. For that reason, I wanted to join one of the Armed Forces. It wasn’t until I met a good friend that I wanted to fight for what I loved. My own sense of duty and respect – I didn’t have that yet,” said Ellis.

Ellis says he wants to be part of the Army Reserves so he can still go to college, but take part in fighting for his country. The thought of being shipped off does scare Ellis a little.

“If I must do so, I will fulfill the goal,” said Ellis, on the topic of possibly being shipped off.

Becoming part of such a challenging, yet rewarding job is going to take some time and effort for Ellis. Anyone who wants to become a soldier has to go through Basic Training. This training usually takes up to three months and will get the individual into good physical and mental shape. Ellis says he will be sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for his training. Ellis also admits to being a little nervous about the training, but says he is taking the time to prepare himself.

“Running, cardio exercises- many things,” said Ellis.

J.D is sure to run into a few obstacles along his journey. He says fear is the only challenge holding him back at the moment, stepping up and following in his relatives footsteps is another challenge for him.

“I believe I was sent out to do so as they have,” said Ellis.

Ellis says he would like to be in the Army anywhere between six and twenty years. He also wants to become a Police Officer and a father someday. He wants to leave the Army with a sense of respect, knowledge and the feeling of accomplishment.

Ellis has the thoughts that his parents know what is best for him. He claims they support his decisions of joining the military.

“My parents know it will be the best for me. Some of my friends do too, and then some doubt me and I’m currently dealing with the doubt of myself,” said Ellis.

Ellis has the hope that the United States will get a better, more mature President and a better community for the civilians. His journey of becoming a U.S. soldier is going to be difficult but rewarding for him and his future family.

Story by Brooklyn Dotts