Blog: School Spirit

On January 13 and 14, were two varsity basketball games. The team lost both games, but there was a major difference between them. These teams had the same skill level though, and they games weren’t decide between one good player.

The first game the Rams lost by at least 10 and the second game they only lost by 3. The reason that they were close the second game was because of the fans. The fans kept the team in the game. They cheered when the team was behind. They also kept the team going when they were ahead.

The first game though wasn’t as good. There were more fans at the game, but they didn’t cheer. We also had a decently sized cheer block, but they didn’t stand up once throughout the game. If just half of the cheer block stood up, or even cheer the game might have been different.

So this proves how you all should actually get into the game if you go. Instead of using it for extra social time with friends.

Blog by Todd Osborn