Review: Face Off

Face Off is an original series premiering on the TV channel SyFy, (Science Fiction). Face Off is a game show featuring makeup artists who have to compete against each other to see who is most talented. Face Off is hosted by McKenzie Westmore. A professional make-up artist Ve Neill, director Patrick Tatopoulos and designer Glenn Hetrick, judges the artists. Along with having to compete in multiple “Spotlight and Foundation Challenges”, which test the skills of the various artists, the winner of the 14 contestants will receive $100,000 and a year’s supply of make-up.

I already love the SyFy channel so when the network started previewing the show Face Off, I was really excited to watch it. I love the different challenges the artists have to complete. They’ve had contests from creating looks from different phobias, to creating a look that could stay together under water.

At the beginning of the series, there are 14 artists, and so far, every challenge results in someone going home for not being able to prove their skill. Another thing I love about the show is the drama. I love watching the artist bump heads when they disagree on looks and what will look the best. It just spices the show up in a way. And it’s just amazing to watch the artist be put to work under extreme pressure and still create astonishing creations.

The only factor that I don’t really like about the show is that every challenge, the winner earns “immunity”. This means that the next challenge the artists have, the artist who earned “immunity” cannot be sent home that week. It’s nice to reward the artist, but out in the real world, doing a good job on one creation doesn’t mean it’ll always save them from getting fired from their job or from being criticized. They should just realize they done a good job and have to try just as hard on the next challenge.

Face Off is a really cool show that airs on the channel SyFy. And anyone who is interested in game shows and challenges should really tune into this show. I highly recommend it.

Story by Brooklyn Dotts