Lewellyn stays strong

Taylor McGuire High school can be so tough, so is just growing up. For some people, it can be much harder. There are people that everyone loves, and then there are those people that everyone looks down on.

Then, there is Meika Lewellyn. She is so easy to talk to. It is hard to find a bad thing about her. She has a great personality and always lights up the room.

But there are a lot of things that people do not know about her. Most people think nothing bad ever happens to a girl like her. But, what they do not know is girls like her do not let the bad things knock her down.

Lewellyn grew up knowing her grandparents as mom and dad. Her mother was never around. With health problems and work, her mother was always away. Lewellyn also had a younger sister she had to watch out for.

“Not having a mom was hard enough, but I also had to help raise Meira,” said Lewellyn.

When Meika was six years old her mother made an effort to get back into her life.

Meika and Meira are not like normal sisters. Most girls argue, especially sisters. But, Meika and Meira are best friends.

“We laugh at all the messed up things to cope,” said Meika

Like an average teen, Meika worries. She mostly worries about her childhood.

“Just trying to be a kid, growing up fast meant that I didn’t have a child hood,” said Meika

Letting their mother back into their lives was a major adjustment to the family. Now Meika and her mother are more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Growing up without a mother was difficult. But, Meika has another situation to deal with. When she was only nine, her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. Life without him would change her life in many ways.

“I wouldn’t be me. He helps me to express myself,” Meika said

Even with everything she goes through, she still finds time to help her friends through everything. She always gives others advice to help them with whatever it is they are going through..

“Just keep your head up! God is there and everything will get better,” Meika said

Now, think about it. Could you go through that and still smile everyday. Meika would walk with you every step of the way whether she knew you or not because, she was just that kind of person.

Story by Taylor McGuire