Pigg’s Passion for Fashion

How to pull it off

Are you going out casually with a couple of friends?  Try an over-sized t-shirt or sweatshirt with leggings.  To top it off, throw on a pair of boots and a few bracelets.

Are you feeling a little on the bloated side?  Certain colors and patterns give you extra weight.  Make sure not to wear horizontal stripes and bright colors.  Wear dark, solid clothing on your curves and show them off!

Are you feeling a bit lazy?  Yoga pants are the answer!   Not only are they comfortable, but they show off your curves as well.  Throw on a solid color V-neck and tank top and your ready to go!


My new obsessions

Chap Stick – Healthy lips are always a plus.

Sparkly side satchel- Holds all my essentials and keeps my outfit trendy.

Moisturizing lotion- Keeps my skin healthy and soft.