Blog: Phillip’s Hair Fix

I, Brianna Phillips have never been the type of girl to stay inside the lines or strive to be classified as a specific kind of person.

Instead of doing the normal girl thing and crying about my problems, I have taken a different course of action. If something in my life is not going as planned I change my hair (this might seem a bit unorthodox, changing things about myself in a time of emotional turmoil; but nonetheless it seems to work).

So when some interesting happenings occurred, I decided it was time to change my hair. Of course this took much strained thought, contemplation and impulsive action. When I finally decided on what color I wanted, I made a hair appointment, which began a series of obsessive rants. Over the course of a few days I went from being, excited, scared, anticipated and then I just did not care anymore. I gave myself a pep talk and marched into the hair salon, with my wing women of course and set out on my journey to being my normal self, for me that is.

After almost two hours of having my head tortured by various hair products, the masterpiece my hair stylist slaved over was finally revealed.  With the approval of my wing women, I was then faced towards the mirror for the first time.

It was a shock to see my hair a flaming red color, but to my complete happiness, I loved it. To this very day, two weeks to be exact I still love my hair. It’s grown on me, literally. I believe this will be my signature color, for awhile; at least until something else in my life becomes all mucky and what not. Until then, my hair color is red and I would not want it any other color.

Blog by Brianna Phillips