Rogers shreds with the best

“I snowboard every day I can at Paoli Peaks, but I also plan to snowboard in Wyoming soon,” said seventh grader Avery Rogers.

Rogers started snowboarding about five years ago. Her older sister Destany taught her how to board. Roger’s little brother, Tucker, also snowboards. He started boarding when he was about three.

“I would say I am good, not the best but good. I can go down every hill and feel very good about my ability when I compare to some other people I see,” said Rogers.

This year Rogers got season passes for the Peaks. Rogers brings her personal board, bindings and boots. She is really involved with snowboarding. She checks the Paoli Peaks website a lot to see how much snow there is and how many lifts are open. She enjoys watching the webcams. Rogers loves just about everything about snowboarding.

“I like getting better and trying new things all the time. It is also fun to do with friends,” said Rogers.

Rogers does not snowboard in competitions, she just likes to have fun.

“I only have competitions with friends or people I meet, but no ‘real things’,” said Rogers.

Even if it is just for an hour, Rogers will beg her parents to go to the Peaks. She just likes the feeling of having her feet on the board. She would love to go around the world to snowboard. She wants to be the best she can be and tries really hard. For Rogers, snowboarding is a part of life. She grew up with family who boarded and ever since she learned she liked it.

“I love snowboarding and would like to travel various places to board whenever I get older,” said Rogers.

Now that her sister, Destany, is in college Rogers has to go by herself a lot, but she takes what she can get. She will go out there, and get better because it is important to her.

“I wish more people would try snowboarding because it is a lot of fun and I could use some more boardin’ buddies,” said Rogers.

Story and Photo by Jessica Fullington