Well’s Blog: Hoosier History

Almost everybody in Indiana knows a little history of the IU basketball team. What most people know is that they have won the third most national championships in college basketball history. On the other hand, the past decade has not been the greatest. The Hoosiers have gone through four different coaches in the last 12 years.

They started their decline when former coach Bob Knight left in 2000. After Knight’s final year, Coach Mike Davis replaced him for the next six seasons form 2000-2006. While he coached, the Hoosiers went 115-79.

The next coach was Coach Kelvin Sampson who replaced Davis for only two short years. He coached from 2006-2008 and had a decent record of 43-15. Sampson was fired in the 2008 season after being caught violating the recruiting rules.

The coach that replaced Sampson for the rest of the season was Dan Dakich. Dakich went 3-4 while coaching the Hoosiers for the end of that season.

The final coach for IU is current Head Coach Tom Crean. Crean started at the beginning of the 2008-2009 season. To show that he was serious, Crean cancelled the scholarships for the entire former team that IU had. He claimed that they didn’t work well together and recruited an all freshman class. In his first year, Crean went 6-25 with his young team. The 2009-2010 season was better with a 10-21 record. Since then he has brought Indiana basketball back into the world by getting his team better every year.

So far this season, Crean has led his team to a 23-7 record. The Hoosiers have made a big impact on NCAA basketball by beating three top 5 teams this season.

The first team they beat was No. 1 ranked UK Wildcats on December 10, 2011. The win came from a last second three-point buzzer-beater by Hoosier Junior Christian Watford to give Indiana the 73-72 win. This was and still is the only loss for Kentucky.

The next team they beat was No. 2 ranked Ohio State. The game was on December 31, 2011 and the Hoosiers topped the Buckeyes with a 74-70 win.

The most recent win was against No. 5 Michigan State. The Hoosiers beat them on February 28, 2012 in Assembly Hall, Bloomington, IN. The final score was 70-55 with a big IU win.

Indiana University basketball may have had a rough past couple of years, but the team continues to build and get better under Coach Crean. The Hoosiers are expected to make a run in the NCAA Tournament and could possibly go all the way. The long awaited for basketball team has finally been arranged in Bloomington, Indiana.

Blog by Ethan Wells