Osborn’s Review: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is the eleventh game in the Battle Field franchise. The first of these games was Battlefield 1942 and it was released in 2002. This game is the typical FPS (First Person Shooter), but it adds a realism factor into it. This game is available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Battlefield 3 starts off a brand new single player campaign. This starts a new campaign, because the other battlefield games do not have campaigns. One thing that all the battlefield games have, and have an excellent reputation in, is their online multiplayer.

The multiplayer is the main highlight in Battlefield 3. They focus most of their attention on the multiplayer and the multiplayer has many good parts to it, such as the bullet drop feature. The drop feature is where when you shoot a gun the bullet will drop depending on the distance of the impact. Another good part of the multiplayer experience is the amazing graphics that come along with it. All of the buildings, guns, and various debris looks so realistic. It is almost as you are in the game.

One bad part of the game is the lag compensation on the PS3. The lag compensation ruins the experience for all players. It doesn’t allow fair connection of the players. People with good connections will end up with bad connections and people with bad connections will end up with good connections, in comparison. This then makes the game unplayable if you have good connections.

This game is overall a good game and I can’t wait for the next Battlefield, Battlefield Bad Company 3, to come out so I can buy it.

Review by Todd Osborn